Player Classes

Barbarians in my world are mostly tribal cultures with stone age or Bronze age technology .Many have a horse culture economy, this means they do not use money in the sense of coins but rather place value on physical commodities…a horse is a standard with many tribes. Also my barbarians cannot read or write in any languages, however if intelligent enough…they can learn.

I use the Unearthed Arcana class variant of Totem Animal Barbarians. Every barbarian in the world is a member of a clan or tribe that is dedicated to various animals.

Common Animal Totems:
Bear, Boar, Dragon, Eagle, Horse, Lion, Wolf, Raven, Crow, Cougar, Coyote, Hawk, Elk, Beaver, Otter, Owl, Snake, Buffalo, Griffon, Jaguar totem Barbarians are the “standard” barbarian class




Arcane magic in my world are very much Occult sciences, with their own laws, theories, forces, energies, etc…
I use spell components/metamagic components, as well as incantations and gestures. Wizards must study long and hard to decipher symbols and languages, they must train under a mentor or go to magical academies to learn their craft. Arcane research to create new spells and magical items is encouraged but I do get rather detailed on how to do it. Wizards in my world also do not have to pick their spells for the day and memorize them. I simply play it so the player may choose whatever spells he/she has access to and the appropriate slots to cast it with. I don’t like the idea of having to guess what kind of spells I’ll need for the day.

I generally allow almost any variation of a real world religion as a basis for a character as well as game-world religions wrote for the game. This includes being able to create your characters own theology and pantheon of Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, etc…

My Druidic society is very organized, not the loose brotherhood it is normally portrayed as. They could potentially have a lot of global power but choose not to interfere in politics of various countries,they are concerned with the whole planet not just parts of it. The majority of the main druid society lives in a huge temperate forest towards the north and from there they base their activities. Some druids are scholars and teachers while others are warriors clad in enchanted tree bark full plate. If there is a true danger to the world, The druids have their own army of Defenders.



Players who write original poetry or songs and perform them will gain extra experience

I use the Unearthed Arcana Variant of Monk Fighting Styles to create different variations of Monks and the Monasteries that they train in. Generally, each style is trademark of a single monastery but the greater temples may have several monasteries scattered across the lands all teaching the same philosophy and fighting style.

Player Classes

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