Governments of the known World

A government is a body that has the power to make, and the authority to enforce rules and laws within a civil, corporate, religious, academic, or other organization or group. In its broadest sense, “to govern” means to rule over or supervise, whether over a state, a set group of people, or a collection of people.
The government consists of different levels: local government, regional governments and national governments, depending on closeness to those who are governed and their responsibilities. The governments can be classified in various ways: The classical way of classification is according to the number of people who hold the power (one, a few, or a majority). The more recent classification bases itself on the institutional organization (parliamentary or presidential systems) or the distribution and the degree of control exercised over the society.

Types of Government:

Confederacy: A united group of independent dominions

Democracy: A single dominion or confederacy of dominions ruled by people,either directly or through elected rulers

Dictatorship: Any dominion ruled by one supreme leader
(but without any nobility or royalty)

Feodality: A dominion within the “Feudal system” ; Greater power is gained through the loyalty (fealty) of lesser rulers.

Magocracy: Dominion ruled by Wizards and Sorcerers

Militocracy: Dominion ruled by Warriors

Monarchy: A dominion ruled by a leader who inherited the title

Oligarchy: A dominion ruled by two or more rulers equal in power

Republic: A democracy with elected rulers

Theocracy: Dominion ruled by Priests

Emirate: Ruled by an Emir,King of Tribes

Bureaucracy: Government by Dept.,Rule being through the heads of the various dept. and conducted by their chief administrators.

Geriatocracy: Government reserved to the elderly or very old

Gynarchy: Government reserved to females only

Heirarchy: Government which is typically religious in nature and generally similar to feodality.

Matriarchy: Government by the eldest females of whatever social units exist

Pedocracy: Government by the learned,savants,and scholars

Plutocracy: Government by the wealthy

Syndicrary: Government by a body of Syndics,each representing some business interest.

Autocracy: Government which rests in self-derived,absolute power,
typified by a hereditary emperor,for example

Satrapy: A land ruled by a government that has been put in place by a conquering land.This form of government can be linked to another, however, the government is there to wield power for the conquering nation and not the conquered.

Dracocracy: Government ruled by one or more Dragons

Dinotopian: A government based on the duel ruler-ship of both humanoids and intelligent Dinosaurs; Saurials.

Anarchy: No government

Stability of Government: Scale of 1 to 20

1 Most stable of Governments
10 Break-even Stability
15 Government Unstable
19 Government about to colapse
20 Total Anarchy

Governments of the known World

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