Ro'danuk's Horn

Relic musical instrument of the Nordic God of the Sun

musical instrument

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This relic is depicted as various musical instruments found in the hands of the sun god Ro’danuk or his chosen champion. The relic has the ability to change forms into any stringed or woodwind instrument the user desires. In the legends it is most commonly described as a ornate ram’s horn in battle scenes, or a flute for more social occasions, and rarely as a lute, most often for courting or contemplative scenes in the later ages. The relics effects are controlled through the music played, examples of it’s powers include, but are not limited to, commanding elementals, quieting tempests, causing droughts, summoning and directing typhoons and tsunamis, creating and closing chasms, summoning and controlling mists to hide heroes, and summoning a legion of heroes from Midasil (Norse afterlife) to fight at the heroes side. The relic is said to call to those of true faith that seek it, implanting a persistent song in the seeker’s head that grows louder and more distinct as they get closer, legends claim the relic can guide a worthy champion to it in this manner some tales even claim it can warn him of dangers by trilling or quickening tempo. The relic also has the power to teach it’s wielder of true faith different songs and improve the wielders skill at (perform: musical instrument) allowing a broader range of effects to be mastered. All tales report an onset of madness, and eventual mysterious disappearance from the mortal world.

Ro'danuk's Horn

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