Strongbow Thelandira

The Cavalier that built the Country Thelandiran


A very long time ago Strongbow Thelandira was a noble cavalier, who with the help of his wife Valleria and the rest of his great companions led the Armies of TIK against their common foes and in the end….defeated them.

The Emperor of Tik as well as the four kings were so thankful that they all gave a portion of their land to Strongbow. Strongbow took this unbelievable gift and created the country now known as Thelandiran. Strongbow himself was a halfbreed, part human and part elf but never truly home in either world and never fully accepted in either as well. So when Thelandarian was created he proclaimed it as the new homeland of all Half-elves so that others like himself would have a home.

Over time Half-elves around the world migrated to the new country and it grew and prospered. And since Strongbow himself was an able bodied seaman, he soon created a great navy fleet. The Thelandiran Fleet became the most powerful fleet in the known world and soon established several small colonies on various islands.

Overtime, Strongbow passed the crown to his son Hunter and retired with his wife to act as Governor over one of the small colonies of Thelandira. Strongbows many friends and companions slowly drifted apart, a few built homes in Thelandiran while others took to the sea again and never were heard from again.

Strongbow Thelandira

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