Trouble in the Homeland

Journey to Derrycarna

The Three Day Journey to the small border village of Derrycarna.

Mission 2
Werewolf Attack

With the goal of finding and returning the lost herb to the druids, medicine was able to be created that healed all those infected with the magical illness including the member of the Council of Thirteen.

Shortly after the group had returned, a mercenary scout had brought a message of a small village of 200, no more than 15 family’s near the border of Nazihan. It was a 2 week journey for the scout through much peril through the enchanted forest where no roads lie. The village had recently been attacked by a pack of werewolves.

Werewolf pack

Three bodies were found on the day following the full moon, with 10 bodies in total being found over the next few days. The village has no defenses and no warriors to protect them. The rider was sent to beseech the Council to send aid in this time of great need.

Within a few hours of the news, Belenus Darkeyes
was given the task to remove the lycanthropic invaders and save the villagers. So having had great success with attaining the herb Belenus Darkeyes set the task to his personal mercenary group. To assist with the task the Council provided the group with several silver alloy weapons to kill the shapeshifters with.

Once properly equipped, the group road to a port city to gain passage on a council chartered ship for a quicker return voyage to the village. The voyage would sail the coastline and reach the closest port city within a week, from there the group would disembark and have to ride 3 days to reach the small village.


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